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How our house clearances work

Covering a 30 mile radius of Cambridge

Trust us when we say we are here to cover every single aspect of house clearances for you. No matter how large or small the job might be, we can assist you and support you through our value for money home clearances. Operating within a 30 miles radius of Cambridge, our expert family only business makes the distress and the worry of clearing a home seem that little more manageable. Our small family run business is fast, efficient and provides a better alternative to a skip. 

If you live in Cambridge and require a property clearance for your home, let us clear it for you!

Here at Cambridge House Clearance, we can provide you with a professional clearance service that helps you avoid a costly skip hire. Get in touch with us for a service that makes your rubbish clearance speedy, stress-free and very affordable.

Call today to see how we can be of service to you: 01954 202 021


Email us or call us to discuss your property clearance requirements. We are happy to informally chat about the furniture removal and tailor the service to your requirements. Questions we typically ask include:

  • Size and location of your property
  • Access arrangements to the house
  • If you require any large or awkward objects to be removed 
  • Whether we are able to come and see the house prior to the clearance in order to give you a firm quote.

Once we have the basics covered we can provide you with a fixed fee and give you a firm quote for the removal of up to one and a half tonnes of recyclable waste. In our experience, we find this is more than enough for a typical three bedroom house in Cambridge.

Happy to proceed? We arrange the best time and date for the house clearance to take place at your request. Normally we like to meet our clients at the property. However, if you can’t be there, other arrangements can be made to gain access, we are happy to collect keys from your solicitor or an estate agent if you prefer prior to completing the house clearance. 

Please remember to remove any items you wish to keep. We'd hate to remove items you wish to remain, whether this is for financial or sentimental reasons. 

And don't worry about  sorting or packing anything you leave in the house. Our comprehensive service covers everything and we do all the hard work, so you can relax and concentrate on other things.


As per your instructions, we will either arrive to meet you or your representative at the property to be cleared on the agreed date and at the agreed time.

This gives us the opportunity to ask you what it is exactly that you want us to do, and you can highlight anything you'd like to keep, so we don’t remove it by mistake.

As part of the house clearing process we will:

  • Empty all cupboards
  • Clear out the loft
  • Collect items from the shed
  • Remove goods from the garage
  • Carefully clear all furniture and home contents, before taking it to the closest recycling centre
  • We can also uplift any carpets you want to remove if this is required
Once the entire house has been expertly emptied by our highly trained operatives, we call you to ask you to meet us at the property. Why do we do this? So we can check that the house clearance has been completed to your satisfaction

We are pleased to announce that in over 20 years of house clearances we have never left a customer unsatisfied. And we never will... 

All you have to do is contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote for house clearances, the number to dial is 01954 202 021.


Only when you’ve agreed that the job has been done to your satisfaction will we ask for a payment from you. We take the following payment methods:


Please note that we don’t take cards.

Finally, we will send you a full invoice to keep for your records.