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Waste carriers licensing & registration

The government requires anyone handling waste to be a licensed operator. For your peace of mind, we are registered with the Environment Agency here at Cambridge House Clearance and hold the appropriate waste carrier license, so we can remove waste safely, efficiently and dispose of it correctly.   

Licensed to carry waste

By having a waste carrier license we must disclose the type of waste which we handle and carry. Without this license, and other relevant documentation, waste management centres are unable to accept waste. By owning the right licence we ensure that waste is categorised and appropriately disposed of.

You have a duty of care

Everyone is responsible for the waste that comes from their home. If you are disposing of waste, the duty of care law applies to you. Even if you give waste to someone else, you must ensure that they are a registered waste carrier. Check they are authorised to remove it and dispose of it in a responsible manner like we are here at Cambridge House Clearance. 

Most importantly, avoid using any company that does not have an official licence. Steer clear of cowboy clearance companies not registered with the Environment Agency. These kinds of operations are more likely to fly-tip waste and cause a criminal offence, which can land you with a hefty fine.


Dumping waste in public is an illegal activity. Sadly this is quite a common occurrence and a real blight on society. Affecting countless local authorities. fly-tipping costs the tax payer millions of pound each year as councils are forced to clean up waste dumped in streets, fields and back alley-ways by illegal waste traders. 

This is why it is important to choose a reputable waste carrier company... 

Find one registered with the Environment Agency in possession of a valid Waste Carriers Licence. Ask them if they can produce waste transfer stubs to be totally clear. If you make a mistake and use a company that blatantly fly-tips your waste, be warned, this can result in legal action and you could receive a heavy fine without warning. 

What is fly-tipping?

The act of fly-tipping involves the illegal dumping and depositing of waste on public or private land without permission. This can include any type of waste material, including solid or liquid waste. Any act of this nature is unlawful and classed as an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990

Persons found guilty of fly-tipping can receive maximum penalties of up to a £50,000 fine or face the genuine risk of imprisonment.  

Don't let this happen to you!

Ensure your waste carrier is licensed to handle and dispose of materials. We are at Cambridge House Clearance, you can view our Registration Certificate below:

View our licensed waste carrier Registration Certificate

When you contact us for a property clearance we always ensure we recycle and reuse as many unwanted items as possible. If we have to dispose of waste, we will categorise it and get rid of it for you through approved waste management centres.         

To find out more about our waste disposal services please don't hesitate to contact us today. You can call us today for a FREE no obligation quote on 01954 202 021 or 07885 676 721


To view our Registration Certificate please click on the image below:

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